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Strip Door Head Sections

If you are fitting our quality range of PVC strip doors, you may require one of our strip door head sections.

For customers who are fitting our highly efficient and economical strip door systems, we offer a range of strip door head sections at sensible prices. These expertly engineered components are available in custom lengths to suit virtually any size opening. From smooth running sliding head systems to hook on and off configurations, we are sure to have the ideal solution for your specific application.

The hook on and off option is available as single strips or larger sections to suit the access needs and operating practicalities of your premises. The sturdier, sliding head version is mounted on a high quality aluminium rail and can be easily chain drawn for rapid deployment.

The more basic, yet highly efficient options, involve a single piece angle to carry the strips via bolts, and an under lintel arrangement that is configured in the same way. The new head section can be supplied as a complete unit with the strips attached. All of our strip door head sections are manufactured using top grade materials that are fit for use in a wide range of operating environments.

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