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Insulated Traffic Doors

These rugged Insulated Traffic Doors operate smoothly, require little maintenance and are built to survive in even the toughest applications. i.e. supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, laboratories and even cool rooms.

Like all of our manufactured door products, these Insulated Traffic Doors are engineered to perform at a high standard.
Stylish enough for the finest retail application and insulated so there is no loss of cool air within refrigerated applications.
They offer long term access solutions in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, walk-in coolers or separating the sales floor from the back of house area.
 Insulated Traffic Doors are manufactured from a rigid P.V.C. internal framework and high impact ABS plastic outer skins and has an overall thickness of 44mm thick. To reduce any air loss, the doors are also supplied with a complete full perimeter gasket made from a semi rigid rubber strip.
These Insulated Traffic Doors can be manufactured in both single or pair, depending on the application.

Standard outer skin panel colours: Black, dark grey, light grey or beige (other colours can be supplied upon request).

Standard Window Sizes:
740 mm High x 235 mm Wide, or
540 mm High x 540 mm Wide
To prolong the life of these doors, they are supplied with spring impact bumpers or flat impact panels which help cushion the impact of motorised or hand traffic.
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