Flexible “See-Thru” P.V.C. Swing Doors in Melbourne

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Flexible 'See-Thru' Swing Doors

These Flexible “See-Thru” Swing Doors are ideal for all industrial and commercial applications including factories, food processing plants, transport terminals, retail stores, supermarkets, cool stores, meat works, hospitals etc..

Manufactured in Australia they offer the most advanced features of any flexible door on the market today.

Constructed from tough resilient P.V.C. and a cold drawn steel frame, they have proven to be the ideal answer for functional style dividers. Flexible “See-thru” Doors have the advantage of opening with a light push of the hand trolley, forklift truck or transport vehicle and automatically close after entry.

Despite their great flexibility, they keep out draughts and dust, are noiseless in operation and act as a barrier between areas of different temperatures.

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Flexible See-Thru Swing Doors

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