Flexible See-Thru Strip Doors

Economical flexible strip doors available in Melbourne and across Australia

Our flexible "See-Thru" Strip Doors are the economical solution to a wide range of barrier issues in shops, workrooms, food processing facilities, and even supermarket display fridges. They can be custom manufactured in a wide range of single or mixed colours, including clear PVC, so they're great for domestic use as well.
strip door left
strip door middle
strip door right
The overlap design offers an effective barrier against dust and drafts, whilst also providing an efficient temperature control screen. They are easy to walk through, offering unrestricted visibility and energy-saving light penetration. The simplicity of design and ease of maintenance makes them a trouble-free option that is sure to provide years of reliable service.
The extra light PVC strips are ideal for shop front applications where the colour range can be used to maximise the aesthetic effect. The ribbed strips can be supplied in standard and freezer grade, dependent upon your requirements. An innovative choice of head sections, including hook on/off and sliding curtain configurations, adds yet another dimension of versatility to this highly flexible product range.
Strip doors and flexible “See-Thru” Strip Door selection guide:
Extra Light Duty                      
Light Duty                                  
Medium Duty                            
Medium/Heavy Duty
Shop fronts and residential use
Pedestrian and light traffic areas
Commercial and Industrial
Heavy Industrial
1.5mm by 75mm clear/coloured
2mm clear
3mm and 4mm clear
5mm clear
decorative dots
Note: Freezer type strip doors available in 2, 3, 5mm thickness only.
Our flexible “See-Thru” Strip Doors are the obvious and economical solution for a wide range of access barrier requirements, including temperature-controlled areas. Call us now with your specifications on 1300 135 539.
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