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High quality welding screens from the PVC experts in Melbourne

About M.T.I. Welding Screens

Our vast experience in the field of PVC fabrication naturally lends itself to the production of a wide range of industrial items, including our high quality welding screens. The M.T.I. Welding Screen range offers maximum protection against glare and the armful effects of the ultraviolet rays emitted during the welding process.

Here at M.T.I. Qualos Pty Ltd, we take health and safety very seriously, not just in relation to our own employees, but also for our customers and the public at large. In recent years, government legislation has come a long way to ensure that employers offer adequate protection systems and a variety health and safety training for the workplace.

Welding screens are an important part of this protection system, and it is essential that they are used whenever arc or other forms of electrical welding are being carried out. The ultraviolet rays associated with welding can be damaging to the eyesight of both the operator and anyone in the close vicinity. Simply turning away from the source is not sufficient protection as harmful rays are easily reflected off many surfaces inside commercial premises.

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