S900 Feezer Roll-Fast Doors

S900 Freezer Roll-Fast Door for maximum temperature control


For maximum efficiency and minimum air loss from your existing door, consider installing the S900 Freezer Roll-Fast Door system from M.T.I. Qualos Pty Ltd. This high-tech door has been designed to operate in freezer rooms at temperatures as low as -18°C. It is powered by a hardy mechanical limit motor and gearbox system.

With operating speeds of up to 1000mm per second provided by the built-in frequency inverter, it is perfectly suited for environments where every second of escaped air can cost money. It is also supplied with a through beam, doorpost heaters, and a self-opening timer. These components are designed to reduce the build-up of ice on the doorposts and the vinyl door panel itself.

S900 freezer technical specifications:
Standard features:

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DOOR SIZE: The S900 Freezer Roll-Fast Doors are produced for internal openings up to 4000mm high by 3500mm wide, and are capable of being installed in areas with an air-pressure differential of no more than 15 pascals.

DOOR PANEL: All doors are fitted with a durable 2mm thick vinyl panel.

DOOR SPEED: The standard operational speed of the S900 Freezer Roll-Fast Door is between 900mm - 1000mm per second.

SAFETY FEATURES: A through beam is installed within the doorposts to prevent the door from closing, should the beam be obstructed.

ACTIVE REVERSING EDGE: Within the bottom rail, a self-guarding safety edge system is fitted. This system, when triggered, will return the door to the open position and “lock” the door in the open position until reset.

CONTROL SYSTEM: This system is microprocessor based with a speed variator, which is specifically designed for the operation of the automatic door, and is flexible to meet the changing needs of our customers.

S900 technical drawings

Door heaters are supplied to the bottom of the doorposts to prevent ice from forming.

TIMER: The control panel is programmed to open the door automatically every 20 minutes to reduce ice build-up.

10 ampere , single phase, neutral, and earth power supply complete with isolating switch.

DOOR POST FINISH: Standard galvanised or optional powder coated to doorposts.

• Reverse edge • Photoelectric cell

Available control options:

• Inductive loops
• Microwave sensors
• Push buttons
• Infrared sensors
• Remote control
• Interlock facility

Panel colours:

• Yellow
• Blue • Red
• Orange

S900 Freezer roll-fast door in red

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If you need a door system that keeps the cold in and the warmth out, you need the S900 Freezer Roll-Fast Door. Pick up the phone and call us now on 1300 135 539.
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