S1300 Roll-Fast Doors

S1300 Roll-Fast Door featuring quick manual opening for emergency access

s thirteen hundred internal
s eight hundred external

If you need a door system that can be opened quickly, even during power outages, you need the S1300. This door can be manually opened quickly and easily thanks to its built-in counter-balance weight system. The door can be operated by use of simple, yet effective rope pulls in any emergency or in case of power loss.

The S1300 can be custom-made to fit openings of up to 5000mm high by 4500mm wide. A transparent centre panel allows for the use of natural daylight, resulting in decreased energy costs over non-transparent doors. Opening speeds of up to 1300mm per second make this door an ideal choice for both internal and external use.

A compact, direct drive motor assembly with its own integral gearbox has all the safety features you need, including electronic limit switches, frequency inverter controls, and a closing edge photoelectric cell to monitor the traffic path. Fitted brush type seals efficiently reduce drafts and ensure quiet, smooth door operation at all times.
S1300 technical specifications:
Standard features:

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APPLICATION: External / Internal

DOOR SIZE: Up to 5000mm high by 4500mm wide 

DOOR PANEL: All doors are fitted with a durable vinyl panel and a clear PVC centre section, approximately 900mm – 1200mm high by the full width of the door opening.

The standard operational speed of the S1300 Roll-Fast Door is between 1300mm and 1500mm per second with a speed variator .

SAFETY FEATURES: A photoelectric cell is installed within the doorposts to prevent the door from closing, should the cell be obstructed.

ACTIVE REVERSING EDGE: Within the bottom rail, a self-guarding safety edge system is fitted. This system, when triggered, will return the door to the open position and “lock” the door in the open position until reset.

CONTROL PANEL: A digital display is supplied to all S1300 Roll-Fast Door control panels. Should a fault occur, it will detail the fault, and our comprehensive manual will help you with a solution.

s1300 technical drawing

In case of power failure, a release mechanism is fitted to all S1300 Roll-Fast Doors.

10 ampere , single phase, neutral, and earth power supply complete with isolating switch.

DOOR FINISH: Standard galvanised or optional powder coated to doorposts.

• Reverse edge • Photoelectric cell

Control options:

• Inductive loops
• Push buttons
• Remote control
• Interlock facility
• Microwave sensors
• Infrared sensors

Panel colours:

• Yellow
• Blue • Black
• Red

S1300 roll fast door in orange

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