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The S1000 is an internal roll-fast door that is designed to run effectively in the most demanding usage conditions.

The roll-fast door does exactly what its namesake suggests: it rolls fast, which is crucial in temperature-controlled environments, such as food processing and storage. With speeds of up to 1200mm per second, this door system is ideal for a range of applications where it is likely to be in constant operation. 

S1OOO technical specifications:
Standard features:

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DOOR SIZE: The S1000 Roll-Fast Doors are produced for internal openings up to 4000mm high by 4000mm wide, and are capable of being installed in areas with an air-pressure differential of no more than 15 pascals.

DOOR PANEL: All doors are fitted with a durable vinyl panel with a clear PVC centre section 1000mm high by the full width of the door opening, enabling vision through the door.

The standard operational speed of the S1000 Roll-Fast Door is 1000mm-1200mm per second (with speed variator ).

SAFETY FEATURES: A photoelectric cell is installed within the doorposts to prevent the door from closing, should the photoelectric cell be obstructed.

ACTIVE REVERSING EDGE: Within the bottom rail, a self-guarding safety edge system is fitted. This system, when triggered, will return the door to the open position and “lock” the door in the open position until reset.

S1000 technical drawing

A Digital Display is supplied to all S1000 Roll-Fast Door control panels. Should a fault occur, it will detail what the fault is and our comprehensive manual will help you with a solution to the problem.

10 ampere , single phase, neutral, and earth power supply complete with isolating switch.

DOOR FINISH: Standard galvanised or optional powder coated to doorposts.

Standard features include a reverse edge and a photoelectric cell. 

Available control options:

• Inductive loops
• Microwave sensors
• Push buttons
• Infrared sensors
• Remote control
• Interlock facility

Panel colours:

• Yellow
• Blue • Black
• Red

S1000 roll-fast door in black

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