M.T.I. Welding Screens

The M.T.I. Welding Screen is made in Melbourne and supplied across Australia

The M.T.I. Welding Screen can be custom manufactured to your specific dimensions in a fixed booth configuration with a fixed or sliding track system for easy storage when not in use. Alternatively, a set of highly mobile and flexible screens using heavy-duty caster rollers are ideally suited for many applications, such as engineering works, plant maintenance, or auto repair shops, among a host of others.
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Welding Screens

The durable M.T.I. Welding Screen is manufactured from either heavy-duty PVC or vinyl panels. These panels offer maximum protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays that are emitted during electrical welding. The choice of mobile or fixed screening would depend on such factors as the client’s available space and frequency of welding work carried out on the premises.
Our expert team of PVC design and manufacture experts are available to offer all the help and advice you may need when selecting the best M.T.I. Welding Screen for your situation.
When it comes to health and safety, quality counts. Call the PVC product experts today on 1300 135 539 to find out more about the innovative M.T.I. Welding Screen.
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