Industrial Sectional Doors

Learn more about our industrial sectional doors from M.T.I. Qualos in Melbourne

Our industrial sectional door is built to the very highest standards to ensure smooth operation with minimal maintenance. This range of doors has been designed to resist wear, using high quality engineered components and materials. It is perfectly suited to a wide range of applications, including industrial units, engineering works, factories, and loading bay areas.
Every industrial sectional door is manufactured with a highly efficient sealing system to ensure optimum thermal insulation properties within the door and its frame. Our custom design and build facilities enable us to supply a perfect fit into any opening, up to the maximum door size of 8000mm high by 8000mm wide.

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With 11 different lifting options and a range of standard window configurations, the industrial sectional door is clearly a winner over the competition. Options include windows that are fitted within the insulated panels and installed close to the door leaf sections. Standard window sizes are 635mm by 330mm and 607mm by 202mm.
Industrial sectional door
Industrial sectional door technical parameters:

Heat conductivity factor:  0.38 W/moC

Acoustic insulation:  24 dB

*According to EN1324-1

Wind load: 3 class*: (200 km/h)

Water tightness : 1 class (water pressure 30 Pa)

Lifting force: Up to 40 kg

Door lift weight: 17 kg/m2

The Industrial Sectional Door from M.T.I. Qualos Pty Ltd is the perfect solution for virtually any industrial application.
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