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The M.T.I. Qualos range of industrial doors is designed with long life and trouble-free service firmly in mind, and our range of flexible swing doors is no exception. Manufactured from high grade, transparent PVC, our doors have excellent draft exclusion and temperature control properties.

These sturdy and durable flexible swing doors are ideal for a wide range of industrial and retail applications, including temperature controlled environments and stores. When fitted with PVC that is at least 7mm thick, they are highly suitable for all types of goods transport traffic areas. These doors allow ease of access for wheeled stock movements where forklifts and pallet trucks are used.

Another great advantage of our range of flexible swing doors is that they are easily opened with the light push of a trolley or forklift, and they close automatically after entry. They also offer a stay open feature at 90ᵒ, if required, and close easily with a light push. These features make them ideal for use in corridors at places such as hospitals and clinics. Our patented, self-closing ball hinges allow for a wide range of closing pressures to suit our clients' specific requirements.

The maximum height specification for our heavy-duty, flexible swing doors is 3600mm. However, a heavy-duty swing flap can be fitted above the doors, offering a highly economical solution to any restrictive height issues.

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Swing door selection guide:
Type application
Medium Duty
Medium Duty
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
Maximum size
Pedestrian and non-motorised
Pedestrian traffic only
Industrial and forklift truck
Tandem Head
Door panels
3600mm H x  3050mm W 5mm Thick
2900mm H x  2400mm W 5mm Thick
3660mm H x  3050mm W 7mm Thick
4200mm H x  3600mm W 7mm Thick
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