Aluminium Flexible See-Thru PVC Swing Doors

Aluminium Swing Doors

Our custom-made aluminium swing doors are ideally suited for environments with heavy pedestrian and light, non-motorised traffic. The clear PVC panels allow plenty of light into corridors and other areas, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. They are perfect for situations where dust, drafts, and noise may be common issues.
See-Thru aluminium swing doors in Melbourne
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The anodised aluminium frames pivot in both directions, and the variable tension springs offer a wide range of opening and closing pressures. Stay open magnets are also available if required, making these doors ideal for hospitals and a wide range of commercial business applications. These doors are usually installed under a lintel, but side mounting is also an available option.

These aluminium swing doors can be manufactured with black or grey panels, instead of the standard see-thru or opaque PVC panel. Our quality range of aluminium flexible "See-Thru" Swing Doors already has a proven track record in a wide spectrum of commercial applications, including manufacturing, supermarkets, meat works, and speciality retail stores.

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Aluminium Flexible Swing Door selection guide:
Type application
Medium-duty pedestrian and non-motorised
Heavy-duty light Industrial and hand truck vehicles
Maximum size
2800mm H x 2400mm W
2800mm H x 2400mm W
Door panels
5mm Thick
7mm Thick
decorative blue dots
Note: single doors are available in both medium and heavy-duty types
Our Aluminium Flexible Swing Doors could be the perfect solution to your “See-Thru” door requirements. Call the experts at M.T.I. Qualos Pty Ltd today on 1300 135 539 for the full specifications.
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