S915SE Soft Edge Internal Doors

S915SE Soft Edge Internal Door

S915SE Soft Edge Internal Door
When time is money, the last thing you need is downtime due to accidents. The highly innovative S915SE Soft Edge Internal Door will keep your team safe with its amazing anti-crash system. The door panel in the S915SE is designed to be easily removed from its guiding frame and just as easily re-fitted again.
The soft edge bottom profile that is utilised in the anti-crash system offers a safe and effective solution to downtime or loss of business following a door crash. This durable and functional door offers users all the benefits they have come to expect from M.T.I. Qualos Pty Ltd. 
S915SE technical specifications:
Standard features:

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DOOR SIZE: Up to 5000mm height by 5000mm width

Opening: 0.8/1.5 m/s
Closing: 0.8/0.8 m/s

CURTAIN THICKNESS: Fabric/vision panel 1.5/2.0 mm

WIND PROTECTION: Aluminium profile

Soft edge system

INVERSION RELAY CONTROLS: Frequency converter controls on request

OPTIONS: Emergency opening via counterweight operator/shaft cladding Stainless steel version

Control options:
• Inductive loops
• Microwave sensors
• Push buttons
• Infrared sensors
• Remote control
• Interlock facility

Panel colours:
• Yellow   • Black
• Blue      • Red

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The internal door with a soft edge bottom profile
S915SE with a flexible curtain
S915SE soft edge roll fast door opened
S915SE soft edge roll fast door closing
S915SE soft edge roll fast door with flexible curtain
The S915SE roll-fast door with built-in anti-crash is the perfect choice for a wide range of industries.
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