S800 roll-fast Doors

S800 Roll-Fast Door for external use

The S800 is classed as a heavy-duty external door that provides full visual safety via its tough, 4mm thick, fully transparent PVC panel, which virtually runs the full width and height of the door. This door is perfectly suited for manufacturing and food industries.
With an opening speed up to 0.8m per second, it can be fitted into openings of 5500mm in height and 5850mm in width. A tried and tested inversion relay control system provides more than adequate safety operation, and the foldout side frames allow for easy maintenance. The brush type seals efficiently reduce drafts and all the operational components, such as the photoelectric cell, are easily accessible.
An additional aluminium wind safety profile is recommended for the S800 in environments, where the door is likely to be exposed to high winds. This profile can be combined with either a vinyl panel or fully transparent curtain.
S800 technical specifications:
Standard features:

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Up to 5500mm height by 5850mm width

Made from heavy duty, 4mm thick, clear PVC that offers 100% vision. As an option, a 1.6mm thick vinyl panel with clear centre section can also be supplied.

WIND LOAD: The S800 Roll-Fast Door is capable of withstanding wind loads up to 74kph. Lateral belts, tension springs, and pulley systems keep the PVC curtain taut during all operations. As an option, it can be supplied with wind extensions that can increase wind load to 95 kph.

The standard operational speed of the S800 Roll-Fast Door is 800mm per second.

SAFETY FEATURES: A photoelectric cell is installed within the doorposts to prevent the door from closing, should the photoelectric cell be obstructed.

Within the bottom rail, a self-guarding safety edge system is fitted. This system, when triggered, will return the door to the open position and “lock” the door until it is reset.

SI 163VSD technical drawing

This system is microprocessor-based with a speed variator  that is specifically designed for the operation of the automatic door, with the flexibility to meet the changing needs of our customers.

10 ampere , three phase, neutral, and earth power supply complete with isolating switch.

DOOR FINISH: Standard galvanised or optional powder coated to doorposts.

• Reverse edge • Photoelectric cell

Control options:

• Inductive loops
• Microwave sensors
• Push buttons
• Infrared sensors
• Remote control
• Interlock facility

Panel colours:

• Yellow
• Blue • Black
• Red


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The S800 roll-fast door is the perfect solution for a wide range of external applications. Call us now on 1300 135 539 for a competitive quote.
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