Custom made PVC doors and products manufactured in Melbourne 

M.T.I. Qualos Pty Ltd offers a wide range of quality PVC products, including a large choice of style options for custom doors. In fact, all of our PVC doors are made-to-measure for a perfect fit and smooth operation every time. Our team has a huge amount of experience with door design, manufacture, and installation, covering virtually every application.
Where can you use custom doors?

Our custom doors are used in all types of industry applications, from food to heavy industry and more. Our specialist doors are designed to be draft-free and safe in operation. Their transparency also offers savings on energy. Thanks to the sealing effect of our Roll-Fast custom doors, heat is retained and energy for lighting is saved via the utilisation of clear PVC panels.

Our custom doors are great for a wide range of situations where temperature control is desired, such as food storage and refrigeration. Our design team is able to create custom doors to suit virtually any opening, and our expert team of field engineers are experienced in fitting our products to all types of domestic and industrial premises.

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Contact Us

If you need doors to fit a specific space, take a look at our quality range of custom doors today. Call the experts in Melbourne now on
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